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Presented by State Library Victoria



Credit: Poem based on drawing by Aileen

Wolf Girl

A wolverine figure
Haunting dreams of unbecoming paradise
Grey fur dripping with menacing attributions
Long legs covering distances unknown
Sharp talons scraping merciless killers
A murderer against all others

Yet under the masked fury
Lies a young girl child
The cub of the hound
A girl forced through pattered chances
Harsh circumstances diminishing the mind
Yet the crimes set her heart apart
Torn flesh closed within a prison
Veins begging for release
Trapped within the nightmares of this girl
A wolverine figure her cover
To set the world right again.

A dozen eyes
Bright within the darkest shadows
Her friends of escapade
Her colleagues in crime
A joy within herself
Spreading the love through scythes
Mass manslaughter the life
The release of pain for the world around
Loss of one, gain of the other

Tightened noose of glittering diamonds
A persona of hound fur
Yet under the bravest lies the vulnerable
Change for themselves
Through but human compassion
The price of a survivor
The result of human hearts
Luck be with you
My darling.





3rd Apr, 19


3rd Apr, 19