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Story of the Ages

This one was written on a train. A bunch of primary school aged children leave at a station. One needs help and coaxing to step off. An old lady sits opposite me. A working lady dressed in formal clothes sits nearby. What are there stories?


Story of the Ages


The quiet murmuring after a crowd of
Noisy schoolchildren, running up the aisle
Scattered upon seats and chattering
But as they get off, a single child left
To be coaxed out onto the wide platform
Of the world upon which he fears
Downcast eyes appear secretly curious
Of the reason behind this life
He is simply forced to lead
They wonder about his past, eager to
Spread the gossip of this fearful boy
Yet other hold his hands and
Ease him into the platform he must go
One step at a time.


An old woman, muttering softly to herself
Her past, her memories decorating her
Through the very clothes on her back
To the fragile mind she carries carefully
Yet a lifetime of hardship has hardened
Her soul, now unbreakable
Only wanting to help the next one
And be helped by the ones before


A determined soul, face swept into a bun
Showing the want to be normal
Need to simply relax with a fizz can
Yet she must work for this
Day in, night out, focus is sharp
And this she will end up, presenting a
New type of life to generations after
Who else has a story…

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This is such a unique poem

4th Feb, 20