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Climber of the Rock

Climber of the Rock
Inspiration: ‘A Single Stone’ by Meg McKinlay.


The joy, the excitement of something new
Different to the usual, making change
The nervousness of the darkened stage
The boredom of the wait
Exhausted will be later, for now the
Eyes must stay alert
For failure is the easy option
If the rhythm is not accurate, there cannot
Be another chance, downfall of dignity
The emotion only a heavy heart can bring
The absolute rock bottom
No other way from here but up


Yet someone drops a chisel
And the bottom grows deeper
Cracks on the sides slip through
No foothold or helping hand in sight
One must now from the moss and
Hit the boulder with bare hands
To catch and club to light
Of the stagnant sky, reaching with rays
Down below, the sun may not reach
But the dreary rain certainly does
Either used to push spirits low or
Drink as leverage to rise up and above
Catching those stopped on ledges
The weighty sometimes dragging down
But usually cheerful, grateful souls
Glad of the helping hand when one
Was not there to be clasped


Up above, too easy to forget the pitfall
Right below their feet, a single step
A missed reach simply shattering stone
No way to stay above,
Only reach the top.



Amazing poem. What was your inspiration? Also really liking the signature at the end

4th Apr, 19

Thanks! The inspiration was the book 'A Single Stone' by Meg McKinlay. Definitely worth reading!

5th Apr, 19
inky State Library Victoria

You should send that to Meg McKinlay!

11th Apr, 19

Will do!

12th Apr, 19

Thanks for your great idea! I sent it to Meg and got an inspiring reply!?

18th Apr, 19